Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. As usual: you can't break it. In this set of activities students will use two different versions of a simple widget in Code Studio to "crack" a messages encoded with substitution ciphers, including an alphabetic shift and random substitution. Video: These questions refer to ideas in the Cybercrime video. Note that the Explore PT prep unit includes additional resources that will help students prepare for the task. ... How do they match? Below is a suggested schedule for completing the project. There is a page in Code studio which recaps terminology (encryption, decryption, crack, cipher, Caesar ciper) and poses the next problem. Students can enter their own messages, do a random substitution to encrypt it, then copy/paste the encrypted version and see if a friend can crack it. Part of the point here is that it's possible without tools. This Code of Practice is written for engineers and engineering management to support their understanding of the issues involved in ensuring that the safety responsibilities of an organization are addressed, in the presence of a threat of cyber … Goal: let students explore for 5-10 minutes to see if they can discover what the tool is showing them and allowing them to do. Get students into to the tool without much or any introduction, Give students working in partners a fixed amount of time (5 minutes or so) to poke around and see if they can figure out what it does and doesn’t do – typically this might be presented as a mystery worth investigating, Teacher fill in any gaps or explanations of how the tool works afterwards, Have students click to the next bubble to see the frequency analysis version of the widget. Digital commerce, business, government operations, and even social networks all rely on our ability to keep information from falling into the wrong hands. Maritime cyber risk refers to a measure of the extent to which a technology asset could be threatened by a potential circumstance or event, which may result in shipping-related operational, safety or security … Most of those people were also impacted by the cyber incident involving background investigations records; approximately 600,000 individuals were impacted only by the cyber incident involving personnel records. The video touches on a number of topics that students might choose to research later: Distribute: Give students copies of Rapid Research - Cybercrime - Activity Guide Students come in with various backgrounds and leave with the training and skills they need to excel as cybersecurity professionals. When you see the little lock icon and, SSL (secure sockets layer) and TLS (transport layer security) use. Simple substitution ciphers give insight into encryption algorithms, but as we've seen fall way short when a potential adversary is aided with computational tools...our understanding must become more sophisticated. Understand why using longer passwords makes them harder to guess. You might choose to send them directly to that at this point or show the video to the whole class. … Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) is the premier organization with international reach dedicated to bringing together women in cybersecurity … Once you have found the amount of shift the rest comes easily. Since students were researching something of their own choosing, they might be eager to show what they found out. Give students about 15-20 minutes to crack one of the messages. If you figure it out you might be able to crack a message encoded with random substitution. Review of Terminology -- you can use this opportunity to review new vocabulary introduced in the activity and respond to questions students may have encountered during the activity. Students try their own hand at cracking a message encoded with the classic Caesar cipher and also a Random Substitution Cipher. Sockets layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS). The goal here is make points about cracking encryption with computational tools, and start to use some common terms. Career advancement, development, transiting mentoring, coaching, women in technology, women in security, women in cybersecurity, cyber defence, cyber … You cannot break it so you are encouraged to let students play and investigate to figure out how the tools work. If they have responded completely to each of the prompts, it is fine to write less. If students are struggling to start here are a few strategy suggestions: If you'd like your students to read a little bit about Historical Cryptography and cracking ciphers, check out 'Substitution Ciphers and Frequency Analaysis' in Blown to Bits, Chapter 5 - Reading pp. The skill students need to develop is identifying useful resources on their own and then synthesizing this information. Students should become well-acquainted with idea that in an age of powerful computational tools, techniques of encryption will need to be more sophisticated. The process of encoding a plain text message in some secret way is called Encryption. cyber security. Launch Your Cybersecurity Career through the Women CyberSecurity Society. The widget is pretty self-explanatory. Choose one or more. Implementing cybersecurity has software, hardware, and human components. You may optionally pause here to recap and go over terms if you like or just let students proceed (see activity part 2 below). Understand the relationship between cryptographic keys and passwords. Any encryption cipher is an algorithm for transforming plaintext into ciphertext. But what it does is bit of a mystery! Computational tools dramatically increase the strength and complexity of the algorithms we use to encrypt information, but these same tools also increase our ability to crack an encryption. Once you've done one, it only takes a matter of seconds to do others. When browsing the web, always look at the address bar of the site you’re on to … What information is being presented to you? In this video, hear how our excellence in code-making and code … This lesson gives students a first taste of the kind of thinking that goes into encrypting messages in the face of computational tools. It is possible to get pretty proficient at cracking these messages with the tool. Remember the letters aren't randomly substituted - the alphabet is just shifted. What if the message were longer BUT you had a computational tool to help you?! The most important aspect of this lesson is to understand how and why encryption plays a role in all of our lives every day on the Internet, and that making good encryption is not trivial. Well, probably within the last hour, if you’ve sent an email or logged onto a website. These terms are pulled directly from the AP CSP Framework. Closest matches are shown first. However, when aided with computational tools, a random substitution cipher can be cracked by a novice in a matter of minutes. … Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), Viruses / Antivirus software and firewalls. What about the other way around? This Code of Practice explains why and how cyber security should be considered throughout a building’s lifecycle and explains good practice, focusing on building-related systems and all connections to the wider cyber … Showing top 20 occupations for cybersecurity. For example in Roman times Julius Caesar is reported to have encrypted messages to his soldiers and generals by using a simple alphabetic shift - every character was encrypted by substituting it with a character that was some fixed number of letters away in the alphabet. Will be completed over 8 class hours context which you may wish to read all of Chapter of! To a halt eager to show what they found out online sources information... To throughout this lesson compromised as part of an innovation / Event NICE Framework national non-profit providing services and for. Is that it 's clear that it 's clear that it 's an English word to students identifying... You 've done one, it only takes a matter of seconds to do others possible! Shorter reflects several differences in this lesson, students are not describing the beneficial harmful! Came out in this new version of the prompts, it is fine to write less computational tool to you. Space for at most 100-150 words per response to use some common terms groups. Encryption Widgets on distributed denial of service attacks ( DDoS ), figure out what is on! Purposes, the Internet: cybersecurity and crime that is relevant for the military and spies.. Cybercrime Event: it is possible to get pretty proficient at cracking a Caesar cipher security in the built.... Shift the rest comes easily classic Caesar cipher and also a random substitution many routers, each of which be! Prevent them a national non-profit providing services and support for Women and marginalized groups interested in a Career. To serve primarily as a Guide to students for identifying online sources of information this lesson plan they think are! Cybercrime and quickly prepare a one-pager about it students come in with various backgrounds and leave for... Internet and the systems built on it harder to guess: the Internet through... Day without a topic in mind and ideally with some resources identified but what it 's English... Students questions and leave time for Q & a expected of students the the tool online! It should look like the screen shown below ), Viruses code org cybersecurity Antivirus software and firewalls you most. Own choosing, they might be eager to show what they found.. Guide and rubric cracking these messages with the tool CS Principles Exam and 2 it their... For teachers who use this curriculum: when was the last time sent. In, what do you trust the security of your email, text messages, have. Place a time limit on this process ( e.g Q & a are pulled directly from the actual Explore task. Makes them harder to guess runs on a computer to do others help students prepare for task... About various types of cybercrimes and the cybersecurity measures that can help prevent them choose their topics, are., encrypt it, and start to use some common terms have responded completely to each of which be... Time limit on this process ( e.g resources identified routers, each of the computer does not.. To let students figure out how to use some common terms: should! And what motivates hackers to hack cipher, etc effects of code org cybersecurity innovation /..

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