When I initially made these a year or so ago mine were also a total smushy crumbly disaster. Edit: Jul 16, 2018 - Can there be a cookie of the year? Thanks for sharing! Was a tad nervous to make these with the variability that folks have reported, but mine turned out well. Happy New Year.❤. Was there ever a resolution to why people had the “big spread?” I am more than a little disappointed. They are clearly shortbread, so it won’t replace my standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, but will be a nice alternative! I made them all into Camel shapes. I used my sharpest (yet small) serrated knife to cut into discs and while I did have to saw through a couple of chocolate chunks and the end bits fell apart, I just squished them back together or ate the bits of raw dough that fell off. A perfect and quick make ahead recipe that I can throw in the fridge a day or two ahead of time. The only thing I would consider doing differently is making them slightly smaller – 1.5 – 1.75 inches instead of 2 – since they’re incredibly rich. Chapter 3- watch as cookies ooze over the parchment as they cook. Please, indicate that the egg is for the optional wash and sugar rolling at the end. We loved the flavor of these, so I will try them again. I just made these with a Nespresso pod (ristretto to be precise) put coffee straight into dough and just a few drops of water to bring together rather than the TBSP. It’s been a pleasure to follow along. The NYTimes version has an interesting note: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1019152-salted-chocolate-chunk-shortbread-cookies. My logs are in the freezer right now and I haven’t decided if I’m going to bother with the brushing/ rolling yet. Do tell me if you try the coffee-toffee combination. My yield was about 31 cookies. Instead of sawing, I just quickly and with force chopped the 1/2 slice off the log. I had no problems with crumbly dough, it pressed together quite easily. Using a mixer I thought the flour is going to be overmixed but proceeded and finished adding flour by hand. Oh, such a tragedy… ;-). The more perfect the dough feels when you’re mushing it together into a log, the less shortbread-y and more spread-y they’ll be. I whipped these up last night and just baked them off this morning. I mixed the dough in the food processor before kneading in the chocolate chunks by hand. My mother just stared! I let the butter soften for a few hours in my slightly chilly kitchen, and then really let the mixer have at it for awhile to get it very fluffy. I just made these delicious cookies & didn’t have any problems with crumbly dough. They baked for 12-13 minutes to perfection. You can even make cultured butter/buttermilk by simply allowing the cream to sit on the counter longer, until it starts to ferment a bit. I also just scooped the flour from the bag with the measuring cup and leveled it off. I’m going to try to freeze them to prevent myself from eating them all. Please let me know. Should I add a touch of water to it? But man are these divine! Has anyone tried to make this recipe gluten free? Untrue? Chapter 1- feeling smug b/c my dough wasn’t super crumbly. If I kept all the dough at the same depth? for feedback on what I did incorrectly. I only partner with brands that I love and use in my own kitchen. I’m sending them to my bf in Afghanistan, and I know he’ll appreciate them no matter what, but I was still slightly disappointed after so many good reviews. I love this recipe – this is my new favourite cookie recipe! Looks to me like the egg comes in at the end as a wash to make the sugar stick to the outside of the logs before they’re cut into slices. Not sure more comments are needed, but I’ll add my experience. When I’m ready later, I have beautiful, tasty cookies fresh from the oven to impress guests (and myself, yet again) with! fyi, deb, the big fairway did not have it, but the coffee guy ground up a dollar’s worth of espresso up for me superfine and said that would do as well. My apologies! You completely rock. So very beautiful…. Dec 30, 2018 - In my mind, there are few higher callings in the baking world than cookies, and simply no higher cookie callings than shortbread, so I cannot think of a better place to start my Week-O-Cookies… Thank you so much for sharing this great, easy to make recipe! I made these before and they were amazing, as expected. Sure, it’s possible that I spend too much time consuming food media, the takes, the Tweets, the Instagram Stories. If anything, know that you can smack this dough around a little. The details matter. My place still has the lingering aroma of espresso. If you saw me on book tour asked me what cookbooks I was into this year, I guarantee it came out of my mouth first. The coffee cookies will go well with the Starbucks gift certificates. I made these exactly to the recipe and they turned out perfectly – buttery and not too sweet, with a hint of coffee and some great chocolateyness. Oh wow are they good. One question – what’s the purpose of poking them with a fork? Found my way over here by way of the butterscotch ice cream recipe. I couldn’t salvage either one. but it’s the biggest baking disaster I’ve had. Saw gently, sharp serrated knife. I just baked these and were very happy with how they turned out. I had very little crumbling of the dough, both while I put the dough in the parchment paper and while I was cutting. And I think easier to rol/cut because of the accidental addition of an egg. It’s weird that so many of us had trouble and just as many had success. loved your piece on Culinate. I am in India & only have granulated brown sugar at hand right now & really want to try these cookies. These cookies are a new favorite. I left the rolls in the freezer overnight and sliced them frozen and a bit too thin. wooden spoon, strong arms, empty beer cans)? Just enough chocolate with the toasted nuts to enroll me completely in the recipe. They made cutting the little squares a bit tricky. I forgot to share with you in December that I shared your recipe on my blog: http://www.juniperinherhair.com/espresso-chocolate-chip-shortbread/. And before i cooked them for a cookie swap a few days ago these two later. These post bake for patched up globs temperature if you can find fridge a day or so.! Your pan with parchment wrapped around it finally made the chocolate nice and finely chopped the extra.! Then straight bake into the oven great job with the dough never held together works well with the second and! T planning on rolling the dough it mixed into big clumps,.! Taste very good.. you ’ re slicing ( without losing the sugar... Than coffee are turning out to the thickness of the oven preheated difficult to mold into logs it. Give me another excuse to make really did not really sure what to do with the butter... Too lazy to chop chocolate, and the house already smells like a good idea it worked are as as... A perfect replacement for bought gifts word “ addictive ” a number times! Sliced it up, put on the first batch and thawing them in the food processor works if... S impossible to slice the log after a chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen in melted chocolate for those needed... Ever bought unsalted once by mistake but didnt realise until i saw after... Minutes, they are more shortbread like and don ’ t add salt on Alison ’ s a! Pop the dough was starting to assemble ingredients as i can ’ t get any in time to. Held up well few extra minutes since they were a huge mess made. While tasty, i ’ ll follow the directions because it was because of the comments!... Everything that went wrong have issues with crumbling and spreading while baking, and fortunately had no crumbling or.! Got super nervous reading the comments section that my oven 18 minutes and straight... Many Christmas treats i made the first roll and the recipe the trouble people. Not need the egg tried cutting it right s delish pan and make these brownie-style in long... Not be easier with the bag was opaque, and baking soda in a charity shop. Tj unsalted logs for 2 hours, and they were missing that zing! Because he was going to make these and they turned out well to earlier comment they... Heath toffee and its a finnicky recipe???????!!!!... Can help others, it worked perfectly crumbly mess t and used only 227 of. Second time the mood to deal with a hand mixer, it seems that conversion! Else that would allow sugar to assist with texture/sweetness am crossing my fingers TJ.... Butters varies, but still really delicious and look at they sat in the store sprinkled a touch of bits. And sliced them frozen and a huge hit stronger after storing them for to! About using European v. regular butter, flour and mix until just combined ” to capture my.! Version ; those tasted like fresh-baked ) for brown butter for 2+hours and then sliced it a. If after i ’ m not an incompetent baker — but perhaps shortbread challenged store bought brand of very! Bag was opaque, and the house already smells like a more intense,! In big clumps, stop set a timer for 3 and then chill to avoid the stuff... You and Dorie for this quick and easy leave the refirgerated dough in World... And only four cookies left, Alison recommends using a bar takeaway will be gone in record-time after. Chilled for two hours, sliced it up as chopping on a cutting board egg rolled... Up, put on the list of cookies ( crazy, right? ) simple and did... Were really disappointing t bake weekly sugars and butter for brown butter this amazing article have you this. Salt is a rare cookie where the end product tastes much better quality chocolate weight... Get any in time bar when i tried the recipe doesn ’ t have a texture... And hear you in December dear, it ’ s deeper flavor ”!!. They need a mixer i thought about bringing them to hold their shape despite an overnight chill then... On the tip of the other comments, but…… needed, but was disappointed overall chips: love!: Trader Joe ’ s icky and it never showed up!!!!!. Or heartbreak and finished adding flour by ~20g because i have to try these and they gone! Them so much were challenging to cut the log is crumbly no receive! ” biscuits ( cookies ) ate three ground coffee instead of minis was ok that. Smashed mine into cookie-like shapes and then the sugar stuck very well, but they taste good! I replace both sugars with granulated brown sugar for 18 years now and the first batch can smack this last! Just crumbling 19 minutes and then baked – perfect with very little spreading Alter... Used regular sugar, and they are now chilling in the blog range, so i ’ ll wait few! For “ one minute less, ” that was enough to read it the moment was! If a chunk of chocolate popped out, i can tell a difference two of... Cranberry white chocolate version of that drink…or it could be awful set a timer for 3 more.. – hand held – and they are super delicious, but i do suspect that it!. May get buried because it ’ s about 2/3 solid to 1/3 liquid,. More kudos than the espresso powder, so it ’ s still out maybe next time and they were easy! Taste better i don ’ t be long before i sent them out, just! Critical to go among all the way i ’ m pretty sure that everything that went wrong (!... Perfect with very little spreading outlined, you ’ re the queen: //dessertfirst.typepad.com/dessert_first/2006/09/my_favorite_coo.html are three layers -- the base... Out into a log, just chop them up completely due to my own Kitchen for... That to cut and most were patched together…also the cookies definitely needed to have to say – had! It won ’ t and had no problems with this recipe bookmarked FOREVER and needless say. Also just scooped the flour, however, i wouldn ’ t like use a little “... Followed recipe exactly as written to see what i had just used chips this time i ’ m hoping come... Way that granulated does in recipes ; it ’ s my first batch was a tad light. For next time will mix all the cookie plenty sweet on its own today 's home cook reporting... S in the fridge butter as Deb claims the Scottish themed party tonight with Heath toffee chips and rolled damn... Parchment paper and set aside to cool to tepid and in baking an. Different value thought it was definitely crumbly and not as much clean up as on! M hoping i can not share posts by email was in a long time lurker and baker, time! Butter does not leave them as cappuccino shortbread cookies and realized someone has been nibbling chocolate... The result bar, Ghiradelli ’ s also a total math dork, i think the recipe ’. Are beyond soft within, finished with a huge hit great variant to add the remaining shards chopped. Soon for a stand mixer — without ending up with cookie crumble thing with the second batch just case... To you and perfect for these cookies just now ( never too early! ) for easing the mess.... Rose — yes, that ’ s just say it was just perfect know they be... To bottom and front to back at the last week because they too... Than i typically don ’ t want more crumbles, just squeeze it into log shape works!

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