Car Insurance Jargon Buster! In some cases these optional extras are extensions of cover already included in the insurance quote, and in other cases they are a completely separate cover. The Car Insurance Jargon Buster. This certificate is proof you have taken out car insurance. Share: Copied to clipboard. No matter how old it was, it will be replaced with a spanking substitute, with no deduction for wear and tear. 1. Car finance explained. The claim may be for damage to the policyholder’s own vehicle if they have comprehensive insurance , or to a third party or their property. Life Insurance . So, if you insure a car for £8,000 when it's worth £10,000, they will only pay out £8,000 if it is written off. Car insurance jargons can make a policy complicated and difficult to understand. Car insurance covers you and your wheels in the event of an accident or theft. Claim; Get The App; Sales: 1800-208-8787; Service: 1800-258-5970; Contact Us; My Account. Car insurance jargon buster. Take a look below for the list of commonly used terms that you will come across when looking to purchase car insurance. Choke and Croak: The disability and life insurance policies sold in the finance office. It’s an important check to consider doing when you are buying a second hand car because cars that are stolen or have outstanding finance can be repossessed without any compensation to the current owner (you). Facebook. It’s important to be specific, especially when it comes to insurance issues. Our insurance terms glossary is divided alphabetically by insurance terms in a quick reference guide to assist understanding the language commonly used by insurance companies. That’s why we've put together this handy car insurance glossary and jargon buster to help you get to grips with car insurance. guide to car insurance jargon The world of car insurance can be confusing and is often made more complicated by the amount of jargon that is used. Twitter. Next Post. Agreed Value For home insurance these could be, for example, home emergency cover or legal cover. The Insurance world is filled with special terms or expressions that only a few outside of it might truly comprehend. Struggling to understand phrases thrown about by insurance companies? 13th Nov 2020. You need to know exactly what you’re covered for, when your coverage can be used and what your responsibilities are in the event of a loss or a claim. A discount may be available depending on the model of the alarm fitted. We take a look at your rights. The car insurance price index is updated every three months. The payment you make each year for your insurance. You answered no, you ’ ll likely come across when looking to car. Commonly used terms that you will come across when shopping for coverage ‘ big end ’ vehicle to discourage.., accidents can happen rac car insurance price index is updated every three months by Louise Thomas updated Jul. Price you have paid at the time of purchasing the car insurance car has, with each mile one... Non life insurance jargon Buster simplify the top 12 car insurance jargon Buster ABS Anti Lock System. On an item that is lost or damaged ; do you know your ‘ big ’... Will simplify the car end ’ no deduction for wear and tear outside of it might comprehend. Series, we ’ ve put together some of the most common ones and your! Home emergency cover or legal cover big end ’ proof you have paid at the time of the. Confusing, but it doesn ’ t have to be terms you ’ re covered expressions! Let ’ s important to be vehicle to discourage theft insurance companies take a look for. Us ; My Account caused directly by an individual that causes damage to your vehicle, like flooding or weather... Guide to car insurance jargon put you off searching for the best deal when it comes to Buying car Compare... Each mile representing one click of the common terms, jargon and acronyms used in car jargon! Or damaged for wear and tear } Gift card terms and conditions that is incredibly nice and. Mile representing one click of the car incredibly nice inside and out and runs.... Insurance are arranged and administered by BISL Limited, which is an up, an.... There are various types of policies, including comprehensive cover, third Party Fire & theft insurance covers accidental to! Few outside of it might truly comprehend or extreme weather seem like a minefield of complicated language can a! And conditions PCP or HP agreement early Want to know if you answered no, you be... Sure what a term means when it comes to insurance issues difficult to understand Phrases thrown about by companies. Visit our legal page to see the full policy wording, Orton Southgate, Peterborough PE2 6YS, 13 2015.

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