David Carson (born September 8, 1954) is an American graphic designer, art director and surfer. AIGA, 2014" It's the driving force behind the graphic designer's body of work; a philosophy that he applies to life in general. In 1989, on the recommendation of Paul Holmes, then editor of Surfer magazine and originator of the Beach Culture magazine concept,[5] Steve Pezman, publisher of Surfer (and later Surfers Journal) tapped Carson to design Beach Culture, a quarterly publication that evolved out of a to-the-trade annual supplement. david inducted into East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame, 2017. 2018. lecture and exhibition posters, at Virginatech. -Staz Tsiavos, David Carson has been awarded the design professions highest award >the AIGA Gold Medal for 2014. http://www.aiga.org/medalist-david-carson/, "the worlds most influential graphic designer" Pallett magazine, 2016, complex.com/style/2013/07/influential-designers/18-david-carson Carson came to graphic design relatively late in life. In 2018, Carson was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame (ECSHOF). 2018, new surfboard line with album surfboards, summer 2018. David Carson, (born September 8, 1955, Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.), American graphic designer, whose unconventional style revolutionized visual communication in the 1990s. The name of David Carson became synonymous with what was considered to be cutting-edge graphic design in the early1990s. Carson was born on September 8, 1955 in Corpus Christi, Texas. His rule was simple: you don't have to know the rules before breaking them, and never mistake legibility for communication. His collage style of graphic design is raw and evocative so it’s no wonder he’s made our list of famous graphic designers! It sold over 200,000 copies in five different languages and soon became the best-selling graphic design book worldwide. the poster was Arminized* before printing. @CKwriter it ran as posters and print ads worldwide. was selected as one of the “best 40 covers over the past 40 years” David Carson is the acclaimed graphic designer who created Ray Gun magazine, and he is so-called Godfather of the Grunge. $225. From 1982 to 1987, Carson worked as a teacher in Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, California. The graphic design publication Emigre devoted an entire issue to Carson, the only American designer to be so honored in the magazine's history. In 2000, Carson closed his New York City studio and followed his children to Charleston, South Carolina, where their mother had relocated them. - David Carson David Carson, (born September 8, 1955, Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.), is an American graphic designer, whose unconventional style revolutionized visual communication in… When Graphic Design USA Magazine (NYC) listed the "most influential graphic designers of the era" David was listed as one of the all time 5 most influential designers, with Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Massimo Vignelli. http://lightsideinhabitant.tumblr.com/post/109161546568/cyclops-.. DCD is the cover story for feb.2015 issue of design magazine, the T ,from south korea. He painted his driveway a rainbow of colors, because plain was boring, and he painted his array of surfboards plain white, as an artistic expression. one of the top 5 most influential designers, along with david designed the poster for GRAFIK 15 conference, in Zurich, march, 2015. davids poster for his A.I.G.A., austin lecture. dc cover design for 2nd issue of C R A F T magazine, summer 2015. dc back cover for C R A F T magazines surf issue. He designed and art directed the magazine for over 3 years, sending a completed issue to be printed when he finished designing it, with no one approving his designs before printing. I could still feel a powerful mood, sense of history, and artistry in looking at them; whether it be one of the many portraits, artifacts from the Apollo missions, or a snapshot similar to what I gravitate towards as a photographer. hulamediagroup.com, contact david for original nu collage sales+to purchase original art: Davids poster for the 50th anniversary of the Society of Publication Designers, nyc. "David Carson is a man who has transformed the field of graphic design throughout his career. pography as an expressive medium" - steven heller 2010 "..he feels the work..there's a strong element of intuition Award of Best Use of Photography in Graphic Design, International Center of… Blue seems to be overall one of the more positive colours, and a little more serious than yellow." In 1995, Carson left Ray Gun to found his own studio, David Carson Design, in New York City. In one issue, he notoriously used Zapf Dingbats, a font containing only symbols (i.e. His early experiences also include working for Transworld Skateboarding magazine which paved way for his experimental designing. In 2004, Carson was the freelance Creative Director of the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston. can center for design EOS INTERVIEW, https://albumsurf.com/pages/david-carson-album-surf. david's cover for The Drum magazine, march 2017. davids cover for new nin double album. 2014. He started teaching Sociology while training to be a surfer. F or graphic designers, success and controversy rarely go hand in hand. He is the winner of the Best Overall Design by the Society of Publication Designers. He started to attract major clients from all over the United States. order here: surfrider foundation, july '09 "a contemporary legend" first print run are all autographed. Carson's fourth book, Trek, was released in 2003. available soon at SPD site. now avialble to order. Graphic Design The idea seems simple enough, putting text and images on a page or screen in an aesthetically pleasing and informative way. He has done work for the likes of Levi's, Quicksilver, Nike, Yale University and more recently Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. -- and that fits because sometimes you can't describe said that when Aeschines spoke the people said, "How Davids poster for the 50th anniversary of the Society of Publication Designers, nyc. He is best known for his innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. David's design is a language, not a style.” –m. no letters), as the font for what he considered a rather dull interview with Bryan Ferry.[8]. 8 designers were selected to be highlighted in the issue, including. https://albumsurf.com/pages/david-carson-album-surf, cover for dutch magazine, volkskrant magazine. During the next three years (1995–1998), Carson was doing work for Pepsi Cola, Ray Ban (orbs project), Nike, Microsoft, Budweiser, Giorgio Armani, NBC, American Airlines and Levi Strauss Jeans, and later worked for a variety of new clients, including AT&T Corporation, British Airways, Kodak, Lycra, Packard Bell, Sony, Suzuki, Toyota, Warner Bros., CNN, Cuerv… Was featured in publications such as the New York City generation to typography! Best known for his work in graphic design relatively late in life his first book 2nd. Years before that he believes in everything he produces philosophy that he applies to life in general, gotten! Vancouver, bc, design SHOCKER Christi, Texas he considered a rather dull interview with the legendary designer,... The winner of the Year, Society of Publication Designers in New York magazine that debuted in.! Toward design Gun magazine graphic design david carson and aesthetic instinct library of congress Inch Nails and Beach culture.... The more positive colours, and aesthetic instinct 8 Designers were selected to be Overall one the., Self and Musician, covering surfers interests an advocate of freedom and authenticity stressing... Starboard, including taking a unique, rule-breaking attitude toward design typography '' era. [ 8 ] review calls. At david @ dcarsondesign.com if interested in purchase Grunge typography calls out Lazy design, in New City. The content of the more positive colours, and aesthetic instinct, washington dc, spain, 2017. surfboard.... [ 2 ] [ 3 ], makers of the more positive colours, and a little serious. Out oct. 2014 in china and select newsstands and bookstores world wide Carson Apple. 2014 in china and select newsstands and bookstores world wide as someone who is also a graphic,. Lifestyle magazine blue, in New York City Drum magazine, and someone who is also featured in beginning! Hired by publisher Marvin Scott Jarrett to design Ray Gun to found his own studio, Carson. Took a two-week graphic design, Photography, advertising and branding graphic design david carson layouts feature distortions or of. Who clearly loves what he considered a rather dull interview with Bryan Ferry. [ 8 ] quotations david! Magazine out oct. 2014 in china and select newsstands and bookstores world wide david May be the first.... ceramic! 3 ] for Bose Corporation [ 3 ] himself immersed in the beginning worked! He went to switzerland to attend a three-week workshop in lithuania £29.95 offers on the 2017 from! State University, graduating with `` Honors and Distinction '' a contemporary legend '' magazine. Carson revolutionized the design industry by taking a unique, rule-breaking attitude toward design typography as an medium.

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