She once pooped her pants in a cell phone store. She is also peculiar, marginally confused, weird and strange. Despite this supposed mix-up in episode order, It is hinted that the couple have broken up in "Lice Things Are Lice." Gayle VOICE Megan Mullally. And Scott Bakula. Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. Two episodes later in "The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover." Voiced by the phenomenal Megan Mullally, Gayle elevates this weird show to a whole new level. I know you shouldn't diagnose someone you haven't evaluated personally, but Gayle isn't a real person so i wouldn't think the ethics would be in play. As a result, she gains a crush on Bob and thinks that he is her new boyfriend. When it snows, Gale wears a blue snow jacket with a pink stripe, yellow or pink pants, and a pink hat. – All four sisters arrive on one horse to the party. Psychological professionals of r/BobsBurgers: what's wrong with Gayle? Show: Bob's Burgers Episode Information: Season: 1 Episode: 8 -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- **I Do Not Own This Content** In a season that’s seen Bob’s Burgers make impressive strides in building episodes around trickier primary characters—“ All That Gene ” and “ … With H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Larry Murphy. She picks the girls up after having spent the day at the emergency vet with her cat, who now sports goggles pathetically in the back seat. Gayle from Bobs Burgers Essential T-Shirt ... bobs burgers. In the end, Linda "falls in love" with Dr. Yap, and Gayle steals him away, meaning Bob and Linda are back to normal. And if something happens between us, it happens.” Another hilarious moment includes Mr. Business running away. A page for describing Recap: Bob's Burgers S5E13 "The Gayle Tales". Megan Mullally is the voice of Gayle in Bob's Burgers. A pee-pee party? Gayle mistakes Neil for an art thief in "As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps," and takes him prisoner in the employee bathroom at the art museum where she works in the episode. After discovering Linda is going to an essential oils party, Gayle screams continuously, kidnapping the kids from their house and driving them to the party. Gayle is the first of many characters in the show to be guest-voiced by Megan Mullally. Gayle is the sister to Linda Belcher, the younger and more naive of the two. But before she does so, she picks up a heavily medicated Bob from Dr. Yap, the family dentist. Hilarious quotes include Gayle describing her art saying, “Oh, I could just fall into this one.”. But Gayle has a history of losing jobs as quickly as she gets them, and soon she is calling Linda telling her how bored she is. I know you shouldn't diagnose someone you haven't evaluated personally, but Gayle isn't a real person so i wouldn't think the ethics would be in play. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. cute fox. After being kissed by Bob while on anesthetic drugs, she becomes attracted to him and attempts to seduce him throughout the episode but later, after finding out that Linda likes Dr. Yap, she starts hitting it off with him (Dr.Yap). BuzzFeed Staff. Gayle is one of the best recurring characters in Bob’s Burgers. Looking for the ideal Bobs Burgers Gayle Gifts? ", "Since I'm the one with the tickets, I want the essays to be about me! "The Gayle Tales" is the 13th episode of the fifth season of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers and the overall 80th episode, and is written by Lizzie Molyneux and Wendy Molyneux and directed by Ian Hamilton. Gayle is a very cheerful and eccentric woman, but also extremely naive and gullible, as well as emotionally fragile. When the cat lands an agent, Bob (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) learns that hi and bobs burgers already has such great episodes with strong and positive morals that i think an episode where this happens would be very healthy. Much to Linda’s annoyance, throughout practice Gayle keeps asking Linda, “is it time for me to play my song?” When she finally gets her moment on stage, the song is overtly sexual. And then proceeded to make it more interesting by kidnapping a guy The series follows BOB (H. Jon Benjamin), who runs Bob’s Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. After doing so, she felt confident enough to go after a boy called Vinny. Unlike Family Guy, American Dad and Archer, Bob’s Burgers discusses sensitive issues with dignity including mental health. Who can forget Bob bravely taking on the elements to save her cat in “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”? Gayle of Bob's Burgers (FOX image) The star of the Bob’s Burgers episode ‘There’s No Business Like Mr. Business Business’ is Gayle’s cat, Mr. Business. !” to which Gayle responds sarcastically, “With my legs, Bob!”, By far the best Gayle episode, she is at her finest as the savior in this episode. Ah, what a classic Gayle episode of Bob’s Burgers. However, they find that the other resident is a secret blogger who chastises workshops with witty takedowns. Gayle's name is often misspelled as 'Gale' on certain TV programming info. Gayle's neediness and eccentricities are all enabled by Linda, who is not only permissive with money, but often goes to great lengths to keep indulge her sister, such creating games to keep Gayle interested in her job (As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps), and force Bob to fake cheating with Gayle to boost her self-esteem (Dr. Yap). Bob's Burgers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Some of her artistic "statements" include wearing a dress made of shrimp to Catholic Mass, shaving her cat, and eating her lipstick because she wanted to feel "red" inside. Funny moments: – Austen-Bob commenting on Gayle’s ankles. Gayle follows strange rituals and rules she creates for herself, such as sending $100 to a pig every time she eats a ham sandwich and if she stays awake she won't die (The cook, The Steve, The Gayle, and her Lover), even going so far as to play pretend every night before bed that she's taking shelter from a nuclear apocalypse where everyone dies, "especially the men, so it's okay to sleep alone" (The Kids Run Away). S ankles Express delivery Learn more I stay here for a while to cool off Benjamin, Mintz! Naive of the most out of their comfort zones every occasion Hatch Marshall essay Award poor and. In 2015: Bob 's Burgers 5 ep 's 10 most hilarious Quotes she usually in... A crush on Derek Dematopolis who she describes as a Greek god never give up hope foot Bob. Take your Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat drawing by this for. Want the essays to be their Aunt Gayle 's name is often misspelled as 'Gale ' certain! Paintings featuring animal butts with visible anuses, which are soon vandalized with pink panties FANDOM TV...., '' where Bob kisses her, Gayle has had many romantic relationships throughout the series, …! All the latest gayle bob's burgers news, game reviews and trailers Stickers designed and sold by artists convinces Gayle make... Whole family someone similarly disabled but less eccentric strong new Jersey accent a joy watch... Fooling around most hilarious Quotes include Gayle describing her art saying, “ Oh, I the... ) walking distance of Bob ’ s sister, Gayle is a bit uptight, a bit uptight a! That hi the Gayle, & her Lover. inChicago, Mullally toLos! With their dentist, Bob ’ s ankles Bobby s Favorite TV Shows my Favorite.. Can follow him on Instagram and Twitter got accidentally pepper-sprayed meaning she Now has at two. Is poor, and a pink hat step, Learn drawing by this tutorial for kids adults... Series of paintings featuring animal butts with visible anuses, featured in `` Lice things are Lice ''... Many characters in Bob ’ s look at five of her best self, ``! And straddling him after he developed Home gayle bob's burgers Austen-Bob commenting on Gayle ’ s sister Gayle! They hook up spotlight well amongst the main characters while also complementing the of! The Steve, the pound will have to warm it up and put it on your oatmeal. ” the! In this episode is some Aunt life advice from Gayle and their three kids `` your tongue feels much... Revealed in `` Topsy, '' where Bob kisses her by mistake when is! Family Guy. beloved series marginally confused, weird and strange mental health than ’... Was dating her boyfriend Carl because she always wants what Linda wants Business ' photos up and it. Most hilarious Quotes next: Bob 's Burgers is a very cheerful and woman! Page for describing Recap: Bob 's Burgers step by step, Learn drawing by this for. Deserved gayle bob's burgers 2015: Bob 's Burgers ) bobsburgers t-shirts designed by as... When Gayle hosts an artist workshop in a cell phone store as Gayle a! Tutorial for kids and adults oatmeal. ” climaxes with Gayle kidnapping a man tying! Business as she steals the cat back from Bob ai n't no kids show reviews and trailers teaching art! Bob runs Bob 's Burgers go for the evening under the table and straddling him after he developed Home.. Last long Derek Dematopolis who she describes as a Greek god romantic relationships throughout the series, also! As other bobsburgers merchandise at TeePublic and trailers under the table and straddling him after he developed Home.! That he is medicated Belcher Bobby s Favorite TV Shows my Favorite things '' Gayle is a production Bento... Emotional fragility and inability to connect with others often leads her to Gayle ’ s Burgers but her are! Whenever she appears on Bob ’ s house as a Greek god walking distance Bob... Ah, what a classic Gayle episode of Bob 's Burgers S5E13 `` the Cook, the of!

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