The above figure highlights some of the problems that were encountered over the past years with cloud computing services. The respondents were asked to discuss what services they used and why. Nowadays, shifting to cloud is a very optimal decision as it provides pay-as-you-go services to users. Conversing about the catchphrase cloud, the terms like virtualization, resources, elasticity, security, pay per use basis hit the mind. As such, it consists of making decisions about the sample size, sample selection process, data collection method and instrument and the data analysis methods that could be appropriate for the research. Cloud computing is majorly used for data hosting services. In addition, the end users also wanted that the cloud computing companies to become more accountable and come up with back up plans or insurance policies to support the end users in the case of any system breaches or other security problems. The respondents reported the following prominent incidents that they had encountered: Figure 5: Problems Encountered by Organizations with Cloud Computing. Web application, is the core technology that enables the software as a service models and the platform as a service model where the users can access the software applications and the servers. Security has become a major focus for most companies in this modern world. The respondents, though aware of the existence of hackers and the challenges faced by the third party servers for data storage, appeared to be comfortable with the cloud’s network security. adopt IT without upfront investment. The cloud reference architecture can be divided into 3 major parts. There is a possibility of unauthorized access to management interface, which can change the administration rules (Berl et al, 2010). This need for more contact and communication between the end users and the service providers has not been documented in the literature and hence is an insight worth noticing by the cloud computing service providing companies. The current research therefore employs direct personal interviews as the qualitative method of data collection. The reason for this discrepancy in the empirical research findings and that of the literature review could be that the decisions regarding investments in IT or cloud computing are largely made at the top management level in organizations. provider for security are at greatest risk. Data integrity and file transfer time is considered as main parameters to study the protocols. Users were not happy with the cloud computing a couple of years ago because of several security issues but with the advanced technologies, service providers started responding positively to the customer queries and that is boosting the confidence of the customers (Ranjan, Harwood and Buyya, 2008). This was due to the fact that network security and other confidentiality issues were largely not encountered or became apparent to the end user in the normal course of the operations, while data integrity was often prone to be compromised during the routine check-ups or maintenance activities involving the service providers’ employees. The research uses a questionnaire for supporting the interviews of the selected IT managers. There is lot of small print and hidden text that is not understood by the end users though the end users appear to trust the big companies that provide them with cloud computing services. In addition, the researcher used several safeguards and best practices that added to the research validity. The appearance of cloud computing has made a, Everyone in the IT world is bustling with the cloud computing concept. Chapter 3 Research Methodology presents the research approach, research methods, and research design in detail. Cloud computing is an emerging domain and is acclaimed throughout the world. This recommendation is a general recommendation for the cloud computing environment and all the stakeholders involved in its operations, maintenance and usage. Even if developers are in control of the, Unencrypted data can very easily be accessed b, 4.5 Authentication and Identity Management, With the use of cloud, a user is facilitated to, security issues with network on cloud as, In this type of attack the invader sends large, IBM [23] cloud has a property to expand on the. However, in spite of the potential threat to network security, the respondents were found to have placed their faith on the competency and skill and technological sturdiness of their service providers. The research underwent intense self-evaluation and introspection to confront his own biases and preconceived notions about the security issues inherent in the cloud computing environment; about the average IT managers’ perspectives and understanding of the cloud computing related security issues; about the ability of the respondents to give clear, honest and accurate responses and about his own skills as an interviewer. This incidence was however not followed up so the reality of the issue was never explored. However, the respondents’ organizations were found to use cloud computing services mostly on an ad hoc basis, for example, during holidays and Christmas time when the expected visitors for the websites were larger. One of the respondents (the IT manager from the car parts sales organization) also reported that there were complaints from their customers that they received cold calls and random messages from telemarketers after they had subscribed to the organization’s newsletter. Cloud computing emerges as a new computing paradigm which aims to provide reliable, customized and QoS guaranteed computing dynamic environments for end-users.

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