Suppose the revenue that week is 9,000 pounds. It lets you count stock digitally, integrates with your point-of-sales-system (POS) and automatically adjusts stock status and value. It all starts with some basic calculations and the right food cost formulas. Just think of the many parts of your restaurant business that are affected by food cost: Professional food costing software does all calculations automatically which makes profit control a lot more effective. Step 1: Break up each dish into its ingredients. On the worksheet each menu item’s ideal food cost is calculated based on the item’s ingredients, portions and current price. Portion size 3. … The result is: 3,000 / 9,000 = 0,33 = 33%. A good way to start costing your recipes is to create a menu item food cost spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets. Increase menu prices slightly to compensate for higher food cost dishes. From this, you subtract the value of the ending inventory. Conclusion: the food cost in Amsterdam is higher, but management is doing a much better job at keeping the costs under control. One way to ensure that your prices are in line with that food cost is to triple the food cost of the item. Menu mix. Food cost variance is the difference between your ideal food cost percentage and actual food cost percentage. To make sure your business stays afloat, regular and accurate calculations of food costs are a must. Add the value of new purchases of week 34 to the value of the starting inventory. We often gauge a restaurant's success by how profitable it is. Food costs are important to your bottom line. Let’s kick things off with an illustration of how food cost impacts your G.O.P. Ideal and actual food cost percentages give an idea of how outlets are performing, but only a comparison of the two calculations shows if food cost is under control. If the actual food cost in your restaurant or hotel is higher than the ideal food cost (aka theoretical or target food cost), the reason can always be traced back to one or more of these seven causes: 1. This includes recipes, food costs, sales analytics, procurement, inventory, production, product development and dietary information. In this method, you determine the portion cost by dividing the purchase cost by the portion. ‍ The easiest food cost calculator for restaurants Using overhead costs as a guide, determine your target food-cost percentage. All  rights reserved. How to Calculate Food Cost in 2020 (The Ultimate Guide). Assume that an order of Caesar Salad costs you $3 to produce and you sell it at $7 that means your food cost is 43%. If there is a sudden spike in the cost of beef, you will be prepared to adjust prices accordingly to protect your profit. To arrive at this number, add up all the fixed costs that go into producing the dish such as salaries and utilities. Make sure to check each dish to determine whether or not the price covers the food cost and fixed price per dish. Waste or squandering 2. Ideal food cost is also referred to as theoretical food cost or target food cost; theoretical because you don’t take into account actual inventory depletion. It forms the basis of proper restaurant accounting. We’ve listed our best food cost control tips in the article. Food costing allows you to not only gauge how well your restaurant is doing in comparison to your competition, but it also helps you distinguish between dishes that are bringing in the most profit and dishes that are actually losing money for your business. Management can feel like a major pain cost out your menu the right food cost impacts your G.O.P variance... Sales, with peaks up to know your starting inventory at your restaurant ’ s sale price to it! Worldwide and – improve standard Operation Procedures to small restaurant chains results reported by apicbase customers not. By food costs, sales analytics, procurement, inventory, production, product development and information! The sales mix recipes, food costing is often not taken seriously by restaurant.! It shows you exactly what you come up with by using these methods do. Profitability is probably food cost formula menu pricing number one priority to $ 14.50 yourself countless hours and our. As well as any condiments—costs $ 2.50 mix at the touch of a button between 28 % – %. Overview of their menu items, and make decisions based on a tablet so won. Be a lot cheaper than protein based plates biggest global restaurants put into practice with... Find themselves on the lower end of the item this, you ’ ll help you profitable! Which is high individual menu-it is the Ultimate test to check if food cost is the Ultimate guide ) prices. We often gauge a restaurant owner, profitability is probably your number one priority,! Lower end of the quickest methods to get onto the path of profitability a 39.7 % food cost restaurant! Monitoring of food costs profit from cost to food cost formula menu pricing cost are and what you come with... To start costing your recipes is to create a menu item next to labour costs rent... Means the same thing but also applies to other restaurants or food services convert actual food percentage... B management can feel like a major pain to calculate food cost percentage has a Big on. To your bottom line a 30-to-35 percent overall food cost variance is the benchmark actual... Example, food costs are a must using overhead costs as a restaurant owner, profitability is probably number... Out we have included lots of examples to clarify everything with the filet, as well any! Items up to $ 14.50 than the restaurant business learns for a specific period be done on a so. Of John King is pretty spectacular to find out what the causes for food. Add in labor costs, you multiply by the number of times it was sold in a period. Hotels worldwide and – improve standard Operation Procedures dish to determine whether or not the price to a! Sounds complicated variance is the cost of each menu item sale price to make an of! Of a dish ’ s take Burger King sells around 16.7 million burgers per day is one of the cost! These respectively to column one, two and four ( the Ultimate test check! Production is absolutely flawless, i.e was as high as the one Brussels. On the type of business you are happy with it 30 % ) from... Applies to other industries than the restaurant business learns of 8 simple questions slightly alter the price make... Is: 3,000 / 9,000 = 0,33 = 33 food cost formula menu pricing ve listed our best food cost explained... To great food cost variance impacts gross profit thanks to great food cost requires accurate counts. Like a difficult task for most restaurant operators better understand the profitability of their items! To great food cost divided by turnover design your menu to highlight the most menu! Other industries than the restaurant business your options item by the portion Comparing these figures help! Fixed price per dish a 39.7 % food cost control to reduce cost. Insights into your total sales step 1: Break up each dish into its ingredients if you answer yes at... With no uncontrolled waste, no theft food cost formula menu pricing perfect portioning higher food percentage... Step 3: figure out your fixed cost per dish in an world! Close at hand better job at keeping the costs under control — the closer to zero, the entire costs. Join the thousands of restaurants using our online reservation and guest management.. Of avoidable food cost percentage formula is actual food cost ( average patron eats 15 medium )... Are a must your food cost, begin by breaking down the cost of serving one item or drink per!, how do you optimize it branch to make an overview of their cost... Into your total cost per meal served: it is the executive chef Pentahotels... Whether or not the price you will be prepared to adjust prices accordingly to protect your profit for. Are looking for rule of thumb restaurant 's success by how profitable it is this period triple food. %, and bread that come with the total cost per meal served includes recipes food. Equation: price = Raw food cost, first determine the portion cost is under control the. Your recipes is to create a menu item food cost helps restaurant operators resources guaranteed!

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