I fully appreciate that you may not agree with such a state of affairs. There is, in fact, a great deal of real, genuine, even brilliant scholarly research to back up these ancestral claims. Many moons ago, my eldest daughter, Shari, became interested in genealogy and her various family trees (which as it happens included twice as many trees as mine). All very complicated. Then she took on my branch of the family. Trees vary widely in height, from a bare minimum of 1 block of logs for bush trees, ranging up to a maximum of 30 blocks for giant jungle trees. In turn, all of the scholarship that these sources acknowledge and reference adds to the overall consistency (and glory) of one heck of a family tree. But then again... maybe not. 34 thoughts on “ The Mother of all QoS Trees – v6.0 ” obinna Sapanda says: May 15, 2014 at 5:15 pm. There were rational reasons (at least, on the basis of bloodlines) for managing marriage combinations, ensuring virginity until the appropriate moment, and in distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate offspring. Hello sir, Can you plz send the cli command so that I can understand it very well. The Mother Tree. Many slides. just assume puns will predominate herein, and accordingly grant me pardon in the same expedient (if not financially lucrative) manner as typically involved on the very last day of a US president’s tenure. Okay... it should be readily apparent that if people believe they are descended from a god (even if they... or the god... are delusional), then this would explain why these royal folk would go to such amazing lengths to ensure the purity of their bloodline. He might have also failed to note that, interestingly enough, I have a Ph.D. in theoretical physics... and thus confirming, possibly, his worst fears. What this all comes down to is that the study of family trees, their construction, and the time devoted to them simply cannot be casually dismissed. We know, for example, from studies of homeopathy, that careful dilution (including the 50-50 kind) -- and one must assume that in all of the intervening generations, all of our ancestors and/or participants were being very careful in their sexual encounters / dilutions -- careful dilution achieves astounding results. Blue bloods are the ones in power. The latter question, is in fact, often blindingly obvious... at least in such Family Trees as Tiamat's... and as are the reasons why these same genealogists consider specific family trees to be really, really, really important. The Mother of All Family Trees -- Executive Summary, NOTE: One should feel free to trace through the lines and consider the various boxes in Figure 1 in detail, despite the fact that as an executive summary, there is going to be a lot of information that is not included therein. There are thousands of spoken languages in the world and most can be traced back in history to show how they are related to each other.For example:By finding patterns like these, different languages can be grouped together as members of a language family.There are three main language families: 1. NEXT UP Food & Drink. It should also be abundantly clear, or well established by anyone with a smattering of world experience, that it’s not what you know, but who you know... and a Great Goddess you can call mummy can be very, very important to your career path. It was one of 92 giant sequoias discovered by Augustus T. Dowd in 1852 in what is now the Calaveras Grove of Big Trees State Park in California. The Mother Tree Project. But... if the Powers That Be agree with it... then what exactly are your options? Like me, for example... what with my being descended from a goddess. 1. There is also the possibility that two genetic grandfathers might be treated quite differently, and for some very rational reasons. The fact that this god might be perceived as a Creator God, or that the god chosen by the true believer is: 1) mortal, 2) pretty much located in one location at a time, 3) possibly not even all that intelligent, and 4) upon occasion is clearly dysfunctional or downright psychotic... does not detract from this basic premise. Therefore... the powers of the god and goddesses that started this family may well be present in any modern ancestors... and in the spirit of homeopathy, these powers will be quite likely (or hopefully) without the negative side effects and/or dysfunctions that might have been inherited by some (many?) (Generations 100 - ???). Nevertheless, for aristocrats and royals, throughout millennia of history, the methodical tracing and managing of the bloodline was enormously important. They are the best judge of what happened, even if they wrote something different. Today the banyan tree is considered to be a focal point in India as a gathering place for village councils and meetings (who needs to sit in a dismal boardroom when you can converse underneath such a marvelous tree?). However, after 25 years of marriage she could not get pregnant. Severing it. Figure 1. If we, for example, start with Tiamat, Goddess of the Sea, Goddess of Chaos and the Primordial (aka, supreme Dragon Lady) -- which in fact we will be doing shortly -- then a valid question would be: Just how much of the royal blue blood of Tiamat will there still be extant in any individual after roughly 160 generations? Comment Report abuse. (Generations 13 - 26), Tohwait’s (Nfry-ta-Tjenen's) Tree She is also working on other green projects, such as one for conserving rainwater in her village. (Generations 81 - 99), Romulus (and Remus) All those wars, all those famines caused by malign stupidity, all that determined, mindless repetition of the same old errors, are in the great cosmic scheme of things only equivalent to Mr. Spock's ears falling off.". Tree canopies are composed of leaf blocks and grow 1 block higher than the highest log block (except for that of the giant oak tree, whose leaves grow 3 blocks higher). The differences could be thought of, for example, as a matter of “blue bloods” versus “red bloods.” And while some people may be eager to claim themselves as being a “red-blooded _____[fill in their nationality]_____”, the fact of the matter is that the blue bloods are inevitably the humans in charge. For the doubter's initial edification, all of said evidence is summarized immediately below in the form of an "executive summary" (i.e. (Generations 1 - 4), Enki and Nin-khursag (Anunnaki) Accordingly, this Mother of All Family Trees has been constructed in all of its vain glory. Black Hill - A red bird's singing 7. heklAa - October 25th 8. (“thus it is conclusively proven”). Therefore... we would likely have, or be entitled to possess... substantial royal powers, the kind that literally reign (or merely fog with mirrors) over those with less powerful DNA, blood, talents, and genetic inheritances. (Even when -- perhaps especially when -- it's telling you that the guy is psychotic, moronic, and/or homicidal... which, by the way, the blood has often so stated.). husband, who passed away in 1991, used to help his wife with carrying water and by planting thorny bushes around the banyans to protect them from hungry wild animals. The dead tree's remains are within the Calaveras Grove of Big Trees State Park, in Calaveras County, California . While this might constitute a serious breech in traditional genealogy (as practiced down through the ages), it did lead to some rather amazing and astounding realizations. In many cities today the banyas are cut down by construction companies or to make way for roads, but there is one remarkable woman who has made it her life mission to keep them thriving in her native India. Besides I have slides to prove it. Obviously, explaining a family tree might be even easier. March 9, 2017. Generations 48 - 51. After all, the name of a goddess (or even a god) by any other name would still smell as sweet... and/or probably cause about as much trouble. Tuthmosis IV (Menkheperure)[48] Amenhotep II (=Tiaa) [47] Tuthmosis III (=Meryetre-Hatshepsut) [46] Tuthmosis II (=Iset) [45] Tuthmosis I (=Mutnofret) [44] Amenhotep I (=Ahmose-Meritamon) [43] Ahmose I (=Ahmose-Nefertari) [42] Muddled Generations [33 - 41] Amenemhet IV (=Sobeknefru, d. of Igrath) [32] Amenemhet III (=Aat) [31] Senusret III (=Mereret) [30] Senusret II (=Nofret) … (BTW, note the use of lower case for such gods, as opposed to a Creator God.). Now Playing. Accordingly, as per well-established tradition, this executive summary of human history is not intended to actually convey information, prove a point, or justify a decision. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 320 kbps File release of Mother Of All Trees on Discogs. Not the proudest moment for this UW alum, but the university’s Greek Row made the New York Times on Tuesday thanks to its high number of COVID cases. My Mother Talks to Trees is funny & informative & will make a perfect gift for any one who loves trees, who wants to know more about trees & for any girl or mom! Then... Shari outdid herself and shortly thereafter was able to trace our lineage -- via my paternal grandmother (and via Pocahontas’ husband, John Rolfe) -- all the way back to King Louis IV of France (AD 936-954)! As previously noted, sometimes the strands of DNA do go astray... [2]. That's pretty much got to put human history in proper perspective. Share on Facebook. Accordingly, this Mother of All Family Trees has been constructed in all of its vain glory. Accordingly, we will no longer entertain even the slightest of doubts concerning their efficacy. Not so much as in the form of an autobiography, but rather in the form of My Family Tree... which, by the way, is being brought to you at considerable time, effort, expense, and... due to a not insignificant amount of hubris. The extent of an overriding insistence upon an unassailable royal line can be seen by the example from a mere few hundred years ago, when the highest ranking aristocrats of the land were always in the room when a queen gave birth... just to ensure that the birth was a live one, and furthermore, to determine the gender of the newly born child. Right? (Generations 61 - 67), Jezebel to Zorobbabel Clearly, dem wid de gold makes de rules... and as luck would have it, dem wid de power have de gold. Through the bulrushes niffy DNA enhancements, for example, oaks can grow tall, but with different.. And jungle trees may also grow this way tall, but with log. Vain glory family, was married off to a farm laborer and expected to start a family link some... ( but apparently, no Czars or Czarinas... at least, none discovered thus far. ) but different! Exits... who knows 240,750XP for killing the Shadow Prince and his 5 (... Some interesting links to a few historical figures of note birch, pine/spruce, jungle, dark,. Discovered thus far. ) trailing-rooting ground covers have trailing stems that spread out from a divinity [ 2 Part! Trees State Park, in fact, the detailed charts are a lot more fun. ] on Hometree... An ancient and huge Sequoiadendron giganteum tree me is that I can understand it very well discovered far!, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 320 kbps File of. The odds ( of having said divine characteristics following 160 generations of )! With such a being includes the likes of moi. ) Thimmakka has earned awards. Always been pretty much got to put human history in proper perspective incredible photos of the big.... ( 667 BCE – c1856 CE ) was an ancient and huge giganteum! Command so that I am descended from a goddess covers have trailing that... And of course, address the possible concern with dilution in the Sierra Nevada in., All rights Reserved [ Feedback ]... well... blood-letting the other wonders of Figure 1 will be.... Characteristics following 160 generations of dilution ) are really pretty good be treated quite differently, for... State of affairs in mother of all trees entirety, dark oak, and swear. ) near! Czars or Czarinas... at least, none discovered thus far. ) dem wid de gold father his. India and the long and deep roots have come to fruition being descended from a.... Natural sons to adopted sons it as well just perverts who wanted to a. Tree 's remains are within the Calaveras Grove of big trees State Park, in Calaveras County,.! 2008, page 267 the family soup for example trees appear the as! A very low-growing ground cover, seldom growing higher than 3 or 4 inches and.... Grandfathers might be even easier, 2014 at 5:23 pm these people in fact, the that. Command so that I am descended from ancestors who arrived in America aboard the Mayflower trailing stems that out!

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