Vectors on the FX-9750GII - posted in Casio CFX/AFX/FX/Prizm : Oddly enough, Casio left out Vector Operations on the FX-9750GII Calculator, although it is included on other calculators such as the FX-9860 (or even FX-115ES). I chose the FX-9750GII because it includes unit conversions. Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator Consider these available items Casio FX-CG50 Scientific Graphic Calculator (Black) 4.7 out of 5 stars 527 11,870.00 11,870. However, Vectors can be added to the calculator with a self-written program. Casio's FX-9750GIII is from the family of Graphing 200+ hours of battery life Capable of graphing X= relations Built-in graphing of conic sections Streamlined solving for intercepts, intersections, etc. The function keys allow you to access the tab (soft key) menus that will come up at the bottom of the screen. expert user of the CASIO fx-9750G. To learn all about the many powerful features of the fx-9750G, read on and explore! Summary of Contents for Casio fx-9750GII Page 1 Quick Reference Guide fx-9750GII Selecting the RUN icon will allow you to perform general computations and arithmetic. Never try to take it apart. 123456 • Your calculator is made up of precision components.

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