Best College Locations in America. Samuel Merritt University ranks #1 in our meta ranking among all universities in Oakland, #385 among all universities in USA. 1244. world rank. © All Rights Reserved. We offer valuable insights as you prepare for the GRE. Nursing Ranks in Top 10. Is Samuel Merritt University the best health school for you? How many times can you take the computer-delivered GRE® General Test? » Learn how to find the right school and apply to competitive programs. Samuel Merritt University. Best College Locations in America. Some doubt is normal, but make sure a career in medicine lines up with your professional goals. Most Focused for Nursing (ranked 23 out of 1983) Most Popular for Nursing (ranked 35 out of 1977) Ethnic Diversity (ranked 85 out of 3795) A more complete picture of where Samuel Merritt University is the "best of the best" can be found on our 2021 Badges Awardedpage. The Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing ranks in the top 10 among 220 nursing schools in California, according to Nursing Process, a nationwide organization that assesses nursing education... Campus News. Unlock entering class stats including LSAT, MCAT, GMAT and GRE scores. SMU has phenomenal faculty, students, staff, and community partners. students should focus on absorbing as much information about the law as they can, one expert says. Samuel Merritt University Rankings.